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Before install, please make sure you have the components below enable on your server
			PHP 5.2 or greater 
               MySQL (4.1+) MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi,

Installation Quick for WooCommerce


  • 1. Download Quick View for WooCommerce plugin from our websites .
  • 2. If downloaded as a zip archive, Than keep zip file to your desktop.
  • 3. Go to Plugins screen in site admin panel and select Add New.
  • 4. Click on upload plugin and Browse plugin zip File from desktop.
  • 5. Install the plugin
  • 6. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.
  • 7. After activate plugin go to Quick View setting tab and fill requirement according to instruction below.

Quick View Introductions

It is helpful for store owners to navigate to product information quickly. Customers can buy the product if they like them. The module has some excellent features. It is quick, easy, and more convenient for customers. It is compatible with all default modules like related, feature search, and others present in the Wordpress. Quick view will be automatically shown on the product list. Admin can decide which information should show on the product page. Enable/Disable toggle for information like Rating, Price, Stock, Review, Related Product, etc are some of the information setting present in the module. Hovering over the product, a quick view button will appear, clicking over the button will open the popup containing the product information enabled by the admin setting.

After installing the module, there will be a quick view of setting the present store level setting page. There will be a tab called Quick product Setting in the admin. All the settings are present there. All these setting enables and disable making admin work easy to display and hide on product quick view popup. Information Shown on-page will be shown and hide from admin setting Add to Cart Button, Wish list, Rating, Price, Stock, Review, Related Product, Reward Point, Description are present in the module setting. Admin can set the background color of the quick view button that shows on the product while doing hover from the admin. This helps the website theme perfectly to view. Here is a list of information that can be shown and hide from the module setting from the admin.

Why use our Quick View

It is created by following the given sequence. Which makes the Quick View quick view module compatible with all the most of default module that shows on the product and other pages of the website like related, feature, search top-selling, best product, and other modules. The quick view will show all the products shown by various modules on the website automatically. As it is part of the Quick View website. The popup that shows the quick view of the product uses padding defines in the setting by the admin. It has a default Quick View product page layout structure. This extension is highly customizable from the admin. Only enable the option from the setting information will be shown to customer and rest will be hidden. It is useful when a website wants to show minimum information to the customer and force them to navigate to the full view product page.

The Featured List :

  • Enable and disable the quick view module.
  • Add to Cart Button.
  • Rating
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Review
  • Related Product
  • Description
  • Quick view Button background and Text Color
  • Quick view Icon and Button
  • Padding in pixel around the product information contained in the popup
  • Quick view Language Text and Button.

Admin Settings of Quick for WooCommerce

General Settings

In Quick View General Settings, Admin can manage plugin status. This setting help to manage your plugin easily. You can also manage for mobile and PC.
Admin can also add additional style to the site.



In Trigger Settings, Admin can select the type of the trigger button.
Admin has a option to select Trigger Button or Trigger Icon for the Quick View option.
We Provide different types of Icon for the trigger option. Admin can also manage the style and color of the trigger icon and button.


Quick View Settings

Quick View Setting is a basic Setting of the quick view modal box. from this setting you can manage the style, color, size, boder, background-color, content, and product of the Quick View modal box container. you can customize everything for the modal container.


Most Viewed Product

In Quick View, Most Viewed Product Admin can Easily see the details of the most viewed products.


User Side

Quick View Icon

The Selected Icon show on the Product for Quick View of the product Detail.


Quick View Button

Quick View Button shown for the quick detail of the product.


Quick View Loader

The Selected Loader is activated while loading the Product detail.


Quick View Content Container

The quick View Content container shows the details of the selected Product.